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How do you build the appropriate team and infrastructure to package, sell and distribute your products?


How does packaging and automation needs, along with compliance and sourcing, impact your margins?


How do you build a comprehensive marketing strategy in the cannabis space that helps you grow market share?


How do you merge authentic cannabis sales with traditional CPG sales?


How do you build and maintain a strong distribution network?

retail relations.

How do you win the battle at the retail level?
Western Cultured focuses on the active consumer and is dedicated to the education of how each strains terpene profiles affects their experience.
Dawg Star is an award winning high-end brand excelling in premium small batch flower. Dawg Star caters to the cannabis connoisseur by delivering exclusive genetics and extended cures.
Waxtronaut is a premium concentrate brand exploring the limits of consistency. With an interactive approach to marketing consumers will learn what it means to be a Waxtronaut.
Twisted Legion delivers quality cannabis at an affordable price with a focus on one of the fastest growing categories, prerolls.


Hannah Industries
Working with Agrify Brands has been a great experience. It has allowed us to focus on growing our business and high quality cannabis. They have been able to implement marketing and sales strategies that have created such a high demand for our products that we sell out every month.
Jason Whitney

Owner/CEO, Hannah Industries

White Cloud Botanicals

We eventually decided to work with Agrify Brands because of the knowledge and experience they brought to the table related to the operations and marketing of cannabis. They provided us with several brands ready to hit market day one. It allowed us to leapfrog straight to market and saved us the time and money of building out an internal team to get the same results. It really complemented Agrify and created a fully turnkey solution for us.
Tim Fitzpatrick

Owner/CEO, WhiteCloud Botanicals

Green Stone

We are excited to have partnered up with Agrify Brands. Adding a line of successful brands to our wholesale business model will help us sell more cannabis. We have been greatly impressed with their ability to help us increase efficiencies in our processing department. Their team has been there whenever we have needed anything and has gone above and beyond our expectations.
Gary Walker

Director, Green Stone